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Disney Update!!!

Hello all! Update on Disney!

First of all, We are moving forward with the Disney trip. Disney has several options for school groups. While my first option is to compete in the Disney Festival Orchestra competition, Disney has several educational (non-competitive) programs that we can also participate in. We almost have a full HS orchestra that could compete…we need a few more HS violas. MS numbers are much lower. Some of my fondest memories from high school were made during orchestra trips and this is going to be an incredible trip. Sign up!

I have spoken with the tour company and here is what we have decided.

1. We are keeping the registration open until the end of April. We are sticking to the same payment schedule, but you can register and get caught up with payments without the late fees. Some may be waiting for tax refunds to decide. We also kept it open because of the recent auditions at GPFAA. We want for our incoming students who would like to travel with us to have that opportunity.

2. Mr. Garduno and I are also planning to submit recordings to the American String Teachers Association’s National Orchestra Festival which is taking place in Orlando in March 2020. We are hopeful that both our HS and MS Chamber Orchestras will be invited. We competed 2 years ago in Pittsburg and last year in Atlanta. It is an honor when our orchestras are invited to compete against the best orchestras across the nation.

3. Middle School students are only allowed to travel if they receive an invitation to compete. If this trip doesn’t work out for our MS orchestra, Director’s Choice (our tour company) will give those families a full refund. We will make the decision on the MS Orchestra in May.

Our Director’s Choice representative is Kristin Petrichenko. If you have any trip related questions, she can answer them better than I can. Please call her at (806) 712-0402. Her email address is

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