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Orlando Information - March 4-9, 2020

Hello All!

I would like to start out by saying that I am extremely proud that both our High School and Middle School Chamber Orchestras were invited to compete in Orlando in March 2020. Unfortunately, the school district decided at the beginning of this school year to only allow the High School Chamber Orchestra to travel. We did share this disappointing news with the students in the Middle School Chamber Orchestra but I want to make the public announcement here.

Moving forward, I am grateful to GPISD, GPFAA and the GPFAA Orchestra Guild for stepping up to pay for the Hotel, Transportation (by bus) and Competition/Workshop fees for our invitation to compete at the National Orchestra Festival. This has made the trip very affordable for our High School Chamber Orchestra students.

The High School Chamber Orchestra students will be required to pay $400 to participate in this trip. This money will go toward paying for the 2-day Disney Park Pass to participate in the Festival Disney Competition and for a ticket to Universal Studios. Students will be expected to also bring money for some meals and souvenirs during the trip.

The payments for this trip will be made through the Orchestra Guild Store (link below) starting on October 1st. You may make the payment in full or use the installment schedule below. You may also pay ahead if you want to make more than one payment at a time.

Orlando Trip Payment #1: October 15, 2019

Orlando Trip Payment #2: November 15, 2019

Orlando Trip Payment #3: December 15, 2019

Orlando Trip Payment #4: January 15, 2020

We will have a few spaces available on the bus for chaperones who want to travel with the group. We will especially need female chaperones. While bus transportation will be free for chaperones, they will be required to provide their own hotel accommodations to stay in the hotel with the orchestra and to purchase their own park tickets to Disney and Universal Studios. I will publicly announce our hotel accommodations and itinerary once they are finalized.

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