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UIL Solo and Ensemble 2020


First of all, I want to say that it is an honor and a privilege to work with your children. Now...they drive me crazy and have caused a lot of the gray hairs on my head with their last minute preparations. 😂 The important thing though is that they ALWAYS come through in the end.

Out of the 56 entries that competed this weekend, 46 received Division 1 (Superior) ratings and 10 received Division 2 (Excellent) ratings.

Here are the results:

Division 1 - Violin Solo Jose Galvan

Jazlyn Moses

Kayla Pacchioni

Alyssa Price

Tonya Ray

Avram Williams

Karla Gonzalez

Andres Juarez

Hannah King

Emmanuel Lara

Andrea Macias Gonzalez

Gabriela Sandoval

Tariana Smart

Kaylin Spurlock

Bryan Vazquez

Anthony Alvarenga

Samara Andrango

Kadie Nguyen

Haylie Rodriguez

Madelyn Velazquez

Aidan Williams

Diego Zaldivar

Division 1 - Viola Solo Nataly Arrendondo

Odirichi Igwe

Elyana Riddick

Rylee Johnson

Natalee Arnold

Moises Leyva

Miriam Medrano

Maria Lantigua Schwarz

Division 1 - Cello Solo Madison Campos

Nathaniel Certeza

Christian Galvan

Vanessa Kirk

Allison Price

Sergio Santibanez

Esteban Soriano

Abigail Ferguson

Diego Huston

Violet Robles

Division 1 - Bass Solo Aidan Greenaway

Anthony Amaya

Division 1 - Ensemble String Quartet: Jose Galvan, Alyssa Price, Elyana Riddick and Nathaniel Certeza

String Quartet: Karla Gonzalez, Tariana Smart, Miriam Medrano and Allison Price

String Quartet: Aidan Williams, Haziel Rodriguez, Nataly Arrendono and Keith Kelly

Cello Choir: Madison Campos, Nathaniel Certeza, Christian Galvan, Diego Huston, Lyndon Huston, Vanessa Kirk, Violet Robles, Sergio Santibanez, Esteban Soriano and Sebastian Womack

Division 2 - Violin Solo Annabel Hawarden

Emma Martinez

Division 2 - Cello Solo Nayelli Cardoza

Lyndon Huston

Keith Kelly

Sebastian Womack

Division 2 - Bass Solo Mykaela Aguilar

Division 2 - Ensemble String Quartet: Diego Zaldivar, Anthony Alvarenga, Moises Leyva and Nayelli Cardoza

String Quartet: Haylie Rodriguez, Madelyn Velazquez, Maria Lantigua Schwarz and Jason Hernandez

String Quartet: Kadie Nguyen, Samara Andrango, Natalee Arnold, Abigail Ferguson and Anthony Amaya

I am a very proud director.

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